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Welcome to the Painter's Palette NJ

Our Painting studio is located at 427 N. Maple Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey! We provide painting classes both in person and virtual to the local community! 

Celeste Banks, Owner of the Painter's Palette NJ has been an art instructor for over 17 years! She continues to teach and act as a mentor for artists who want to dive into art education. 


We have a variety of options to help you explore your creativity such as:

*Off-Site Private Painting classes for adults and children

*Virtual Classes 

We also sell Painting Kits and Supplies 


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments

  • Do you bring parties to my location of choice?
    Yes, we do offer off-site painting class options. For more information about rates and customized parties, please see our Booking section, or send us an email to: We can also be reached by phone at: 551-232-8276
  • Do you sell painting kits and supplies?
    Yes, we sell painting kits and supplies. To purchase painting kits and other painting supplies, please visit our Shop page. You can also stop into our physical location to purchase kits and supplies.


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